Friday, September 8, 2023

July 2023 Randoms

A cute illustration of a cute owl that I saw in a (not cute) newspaper...

Unfortunately, I think Sam may be one of these!

My storage unit was a lot more filled up after the movers brought some things there, including my beloved couch and glider chair! But I was pleased that there was still good space available for more of my stuff.

I once watched a murder mystery movie on Hallmark that was set in a storage container place. I think of it every time I go here and it gives me a (twisted) little thrill. 

An easy recipe that I might still mess up, but I want to try it.

I want to read all of these!

A pretty illustration of my town library. I love that I work there!
This is very similar to many aspects of my life right now! 😆 
(Walks in the woods, communing with woodland creatures, desiring to dance with an owl, and single, blond, and beautiful. 😜)


Uhlman's is my long-time favorite ice cream place. 😋
Barbie was everywhere in July! It was a full-scale marketing blitz.

I watched a good webinar about Agatha Christie with this brilliant guy who is such a good teacher and lecturer. 

One of my happy places. 

Violet's pet-sitter sent me this cute picture of her while we were at the Cape.

Speaking of the Cape...this is so cool!