Monday, September 11, 2023

Art, History, and a Really Big Tree

 We spent my birthday week on the Cape this summer (which we do every summer--tradition, tradition! 🎜). 
On the day that we got there, Mom, Jennifer, and I went out and did some fun things together. First, we went to The Edward Gorey House. It was my second time going there (the first time was four years ago).

I liked this picture and its caption: "She toyed with her beads jadedly." I get you, girl.

Masterpiece Mystery is one of my favorite things.

Especially the shows involving these detectives...

A pretty assortment of colored glass...

Here's my mom and I with a weird sculpture (that looks like it's about to do a Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan on my knee!) out in the yard.

Then we went to the Captain Bangs Hallet House, which I've been wanting to tour for years, and it finally worked out that I was there when it was open! It's across the street from the Edward Gorey House. I liked the house and all of the cool historical things in it, and I liked the tour guide a lot, a really nice older man who helped me feel excited about my plan to move to the Cape full-time within the next decade (provided life hasn't changed dramatically by then). Anyway, on to the house!

I like old-fashioned dresses with pretty prints.

Almost my size!

He took us down to this cool old kitchen in the basement that most tour groups don't get to see, but we were extra special and likeable so he let us see it. 😉

I thought this woman's expression in her painting was so funny. Again, me too sometimes, girl, me too.

I found out the cool story behind the Red Jacket Resorts, one of which is down the street from my Cape house. 

This is the Red Jacket ship.

And this is a painting of the Red Jacket ship.

I like pretty lace curtains.

Behind the house was a HUGE beech tree, probably the biggest tree I've ever seen. I can't believe in all of my years of going to the Cape, I'd never come across this amazing tree before! What a cool find to [finally] make.

Selfie with the tree!

Me and Jennifer with the tree!

We brought Sam to see it the next day.

It was a nice day on the Cape, full of art, history, and a really big and cool tree!