Friday, July 28, 2023

Things I Sold Before We Moved

 I was very busy in June getting ready for my move that was happening at the end of the month. I was going from a ~4500 square foot house to a ~1700 sq. ft. townhouse (plus an unfinished basement, so there was that). But needless to say, there was a lot that I needed to sell or give away. I saved some things that I really wanted to keep and put them in my storage unit, and sold (or gave away) the rest of what I knew I wouldn't be able to take with me. 

I sold just about everything on Facebook Marketplace, which was convenient and easy to use. What I discovered is that the vast majority of people aren't in the market for expensive items, and they want a deal. I sold hardly anything for more than $80, even though many of the things I was selling were worth more than that. But I needed them to go, so out they went. I made just under $1000 from selling all this stuff, which isn't that much. It was time-consuming and was one of the most stressful things about the move: getting rid of the things I couldn't take and getting them out on time. I was so relieved when it was all done a few days before we moved out.

I wanted to do this post because it's a documentation of my house and many of the things it (and our former homes) contained before we moved and had to let go of those things. It's good for the memories. And a picture is worth a thousand words, right? 

This patio set is now on my sister Jennifer's porch.

We finally sold the bed that John had had since kindergarten! We bought it in 2010 when we moved to Iowa. It was a great piece--it had the bed, dresser, desk, a pull-out bed, and even a tunnel in the back!

The tunnel. The kids had fun with this when they were little.

I sold the counter stools to one of my library co-workers.

(I miss my bright and spacious kitchen!)

We bought this kitchen table when we moved to Mass. five years ago. It was perfect for this space. I had to decide which table to keep, this one or the dining room one. I went with the dining room table because it was nicer and it has a matching buffet to go with it.

Many good memories were made at this table.

I liked the pedestal base.

Mudroom bench

I wish now that I hadn't sold this shelf. I'm glad that I kept its matching twin. I need all of the shelving I can get to hold things down in my new basement.

I loved this entryway table. We bought it when we moved to Iowa and it fit perfectly in an alcove at the base of the stairs in our house there. And it fit perfectly in this spot in the entryway of the house here. I miss it.

I gave away pool things to two of my friends with pools, Meredith and Shelly.

The trees sold quickly.

This ottoman used to be my scripture-reading spot in my master bath in Iowa. It was perfect for my closet in Mass.

I unknowingly way underpriced the snowblower. There was a ton of interest in it and it sold very quickly. I could have sold it for at least twice what I priced it at, but oh well. You live, you learn.

I had five lounge chairs from around the pool to get rid of. These two were in the best shape. I think I ended up giving away all but one or two of them, which I sold for $10 each.

I sold this table, but not the umbrella, which I can use in the future at the Cape house.

And I sold its identical twin. 

This one hurts my heart and I don't want to talk about it except to say that it was literally and figuratively the biggest thing I needed to find a new home for, and the process of doing that was very stressful and difficult (people loved it but it was so big and difficult to transport). I loved it so much and didn't want to part with it. But it just wasn't practical to keep it. I ended up selling it for way less than it was worth, but I had to get it out of there. Sigh. I miss it a lot. 😞

I gave this away to John's friend's sister. This used to be in the master bedroom in Iowa. I took some really good naps on it curled up on my side in the fetal position (my favorite sleeping position!). 😄 John did too once it became his when we moved to Mass.

There used to be a cushion on the back but it lost its fluff years ago.

There was more that I got rid of, like a nice leather couch, a beautiful console table, a TV table, and a pair of barstools. But this is most of it. In the end, I know that they're just things. But they all have special memories attached to them, and they take on a special vibe of their own when home is a beloved place in your life.