Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Graduation Party!!

We threw a graduation party for John and his second cousin (my first cousin once removed) Ayden on the day after their graduation at my house. Ayden's parents (my cousin Abby and her boyfriend/pretty much husband Charles) threw the party with me and helped out with food, decorations, tents, chairs, etc. The weather was cool and wet--very un-party like--but it was fine (and fun) anyway. It was mostly a family party with the boys' friends thrown in.

I hired a local business to do a "lawn gram" in the front yard for graduation weekend. So fun!

Ayden's grad sign got added when his parents got there...

We spent the morning setting up. My dad scooped Violet's poop. 😆💩

I set up a cute graduation-themed gift table with pictures of John and Ayden (including the comparison picture of them and me and Abby from when they were babies to now; see below) and I forgot to take a picture of the table! I was so disappointed once I realized that. I didn't do well with taking good pictures of this party. I was so busy and along with the uncooperative weather, it was something that unfortunately and uncharacteristically fell by the wayside.

I did get good pictures of the cool cake and cookies though!

And we got some good ones of John and Ayden with the lawn grams...

I got a picture with my cousin Kassy before she left. Shhhh, don't tell anyone but she's always been my favorite cousin. 😉 
I'm a year older than her and we went to school together and were a year apart. We also raised puppy sisters together when we were in high school.

John and his friends did crazy stuff. I don't even know. 🤷😂

It was a fun and successful party, and the last one at the house! I was glad when graduation weekend was done, though. I was exhausted!