Monday, July 24, 2023

John's High School Graduation!

The evening before John's graduation was Senior Recognition Night, where scholarships and awards were, well, awarded. It was separated from being part of the commencement ceremony once Hopkinton's class size had increased too much. Back in my day when there were less than 100 kids per class, it was done at the same time. Now with over 300 kids, it's way too big to do it all in one night. 

I had a great seat right on the aisle. Very different from where I sat the next night!

John won a scholarship! Maybe two. I can't believe I can't remember, but June was such a blur! 

After that, he and I went out to dinner at Orale, that new Mexican restaurant in town that I like. It was nice to go out with just the two of us, which doesn't happen very much.

Chips and guac (and/or a good salsa) are one of my favorite foods. 😋😋😋

The next day was graduation. The weather was really rainy so it was held indoors in the gym where the awards ceremony had been the night before. We took family pictures before we left.

We got there early to get a good seat but so did everyone else 😆. We sat over to the side and I didn't really get any good pictures. I took pictures of the screen when the graduates came in.

I liked how they put "2023" on the timer clock.

I could actually see John and I didn't have a bad view of him, if you don't count the camera cables in the way. 😆 

This is John getting his diploma but my pictures are terrible (he's the one on the stage on the left), AND he didn't stop and smile for the photographer after he got it so I don't even have a picture of that!

I got slightly better pictures of him walking back to his seat though. 😄🤷

Up go the caps!

I think it's neat that we graduated from the same high school 25 years apart!

Afterwards we went out to dinner at 110 Grill.

A few other graduation-related pictures...

It was a rainy, memorable, special day, and I'm proud of John and all that he accomplished in high school. He enjoyed his time there, and he's ready to move on to college. Southern Virginia University, here he comes! In less than a month now! 😱