Thursday, July 13, 2023

Around the House in May

 As I mentioned in yesterday's post, our last full month in the house was in May. I was getting busier with selling things and starting to pack for the move. 

I sold the cat tree to a nice lady. One of the things I like about selling things on Facebook Marketplace (or giving things away on Buy Nothing) is all of the kind and unique people who I get to meet.

I took several pictures of the office because it's the room I knew I'd miss the most when I moved.

This is my diploma wall that includes a cool picture of the text of Jane Eyre, my favorite novel.

My diploma from Penn is all in Latin. I don't know if it's an Ivy League thing to do that or not, but it's kind of cool, if not indecipherable. 😆

I miss this set-up. I took this desk with me in the move. In fact, I'm typing at it at this very moment as I put this blog post together. :-)

I gave away the big computer desk because it didn't sell when I tried to sell it. I kept the chair, though (and am sitting in it at this very moment!).

Violet liked the office, too.

I liked the French doors that gave quiet and relative privacy when needed. I miss this office!

Pretty backyard scenes. {I'll try not to continue with the whole "I miss this" nostalgia!)

I kept the table and umbrella. They're currently in my storage unit. I got rid of the grill because I never used it. 

This is such a pretty shot. 😍 I loved our backyard. It was like our own private park.

We got these flowers for the Open House in April, and they bloomed beautifully.

We've had this nice patio set for over fifteen years. I got it at Target when we lived in Connecticut. It's a really good, sturdy set, but the cushions and pillows definitely needed to be replaced. I'd already had to throw away the ottoman cushion (as you can see). I took this set with us in the move, and I'm happy to report that I finally found some good replacement pillows and cushions for it--except for the ottoman, which remains cushionless!

Here are the new pillows, which I found at...Target! I didn't find a good replacement cushion until after we moved. 

I sold this table, brought the chairs to the Cape house, and kept the umbrella.

Another year, another pool opening of brown dirty water. I won't miss this!

I took pictures to document my beautiful walk-in closet. (I won't say it!)

It was a happy place, and not just because it was a cool closet. I was surrounded by happy or special things that I liked or loved.


...and vertical.

I have a walk-in closet at my new place, and even though it's not as big and fancy as my previous one, it's still very nice and I like it a lot.

Here's my mom's cat, cute little Olive!

Here's my reading spot in my room. I always sat here on Sunday afternoons and read and napped. This is where I read my scriptures every morning too. Believe it or not, even though my new bedroom is less spacious, I like the reading area setup I've got there even better. Pictures to come in a couple of months!

My food storage and emergency prep supplies were among the first things I packed up. I took pictures first before doing so in order to help me when I unpack and organize it all in the future. 

I had a good setup going for all of this stuff. Hopefully, I'll get a good setup going again soon(ish).

Fortunately, my new place has a basement where I get to set this all up all over again. Lucky me! (And I'm not even being (very) sarcastic. 😉)