Monday, July 17, 2023

May Flowers

 April showers didn't necessarily bring them, but May did indeed have some pretty flowers. Mostly of the store-bought variety, at least as far as these pictures go. 😄

I bought myself a pretty bouquet of white tulips for Mother's Day. I liked how they filled up with sunshine and were illuminated from within by it. (There's a good life analogy in that, too.)

The boys/my mom got me a pretty bouquet of mini roses for Mother's Day, too, so I had a nice vase of flowers on each end of the sink, one colorful and the other simple and white. It was a good contrast.

I thought this was cute. A few days after I got the tulips, one of them drooped down and looked like it was communing with the little nest of faux flowers and eggs on the windowsill. Maybe it was!