Wednesday, July 12, 2023

The Boys (and Violet) in May

 May was our last full month in our house. It was the last month of relative normalcy before major life changes for us all (John's graduation, moving, the divorce getting finalized). It was a busy month, but a good one.


John and Conner are besties. They're funny, and they're weird. One Sunday after church they were walking around holding hands, doing a real-life Fortnite duo (or something like that). I tried to get them to stop by bringing them to each of Conner's parents (his mom is strict and his dad is the stake president), but their hands remained stubbornly locked together. I threatened to take their picture and as you can see, it did nothing. 😆 These crazy guys! 

Here's John enjoying the best napping spot in the house...

{I miss the living room, and this couch, which is now in my storage unit!}

John had his final Pops concert for band. The seniors gathered together for a picture (he's on the right end).

The man standing next to John is the band director, Mr. Hay. He's a wonderful and fun person. I want Sam to do band at HHS just so that he can have him for a teacher.

This was John's last band performance, the Memorial Day concert at the Town Common.

I'm so glad that he stuck with trombone all through middle school and high school. It was good for him.


Sam had his first in-person piano recital in years. It was at a church that my grandmother used to attend, which was kind of cool. Even cooler was the fact that Sam played his pieces almost perfectly from memory, which was very fortunate because he didn't bring his music with him. So that was a relief. One of the songs he played was Scott Joplin's The Entertainer, which is a longtime favorite of my own to play. 

He found a nice spot to read during reading time.

I don't know what was going on with him on this particular day, but whatever it was, was weird. 😄

And then he proceeded to slide partway down the stairs. I guess he was melting! Or something like that. 


Violet had a big ugly cyst growing near her neck that kept getting bigger.  

The vet had aspirated some fluid from it a couple months earlier and checked her bloodwork, and it appeared to be a run-of-the-mill cyst that dogs tend to get, but by May it was apparent that it was only getting bigger (and bigger and bigger). I tried to ignore it and hoped it would pop or deflate on its own, but *spoiler alert* she ended up getting surgery to remove it three weeks ago, and it turns out that it was cancerous. Fortunately, it looks like all of the cancer was removed when the cyst was removed. I truly hope so. 🤞 I love my sweet girl and really don't want to lose her to cancer. Or to anything else. 

Violet lays around and sleeps a lot. She lives the exact opposite of my life. She is the yin to my yang! 😆