Thursday, December 8, 2022

The Pets in November

I was still into taking pictures of Violet cuddling with pillows and blankets on the family room couch. I'm not sure why, but they're sweet, and so is she. 😊

I tucked the blanket around her and made her oh-so-cuddly. 😄 This is pretty much the same thing I used to do with my stuffed animals and dolls when I was little!  

Violet likes to lick rainwater off the back deck. It must be especially refreshing (or something).

I asked Sam to take a picture of me and Bentwood, which he said he did, but there was no such picture when I looked later. I on the other hand was true to my word and took a picture of him and our beloved Bent, who is now about 18 years old!

Violet's black fur allowed me to document the first (and so far only) snowflakes of the season!

This was one of the cutest things I've ever seen my pets do, and I'm so glad I was there to witness it! Bentwood was drinking from the water bowl and Violet was patiently waiting for her turn. At first I was like, "Is that really what she's doing?" and indeed, it was! It was like a line for the water fountain, and it was so cute! 

My little lady is so well-mannered and patient! 
Also, Bentwood is definitely the alpha in this relationship. 😂

She really was waiting for her turn!

John and Violet took a Thanksgiving evening nap on the couch together, John because he was recovering from a cold and Violet because that's what she always does. 😆

Oops, I woke Violet up! (She's used to it!) 

I got Violet a pretty collar bow that happened to match well with the pillow she was snuggling with.


Good view of the bow!

I'm thankful for the pets in my life, both the ones who are alive and the ones who have passed away and are waiting for me in heaven. They've each left their pawprints on my heart, and they've greatly enriched my life with their love, affection, funny antics, and loyal companionship. 💕