Monday, October 31, 2022

September's Special Events!

 There were a couple of special events that happened in September, and I will now proceed to document them on my bloggety blog. πŸ˜†πŸ€·

There was a big party for my Uncle Ronnie (my mom's oldest brother) and Aunt Audrey to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! (That's a miracle in my family! πŸ˜„)

They look good! And I liked how their outfits coordinated.

Here they are with most of their grandkids and a couple of great-grandkids.

And with some of their kids (Ronnie's sons--my cousins--Richie and Ronnie II weren't there, and Roy passed away several years ago).

It was a fun evening with my extended family celebrating something very special and worthwhile!

Special Event #2 of the month was an Amazing Race activity for the youth in my ward that I helped out with. Check out the awesome finish line at my friend Shelly's house! The winning team got to bust through that. We had a few others for the other teams to run through too.

Remember a few posts back when I said that Meredith was my partner in crime for silly things when I mentioned a funny photo pose I wish we had done? Well here is the proof of that--she had Sara and I pose like showgirls (or something) while we were waiting for the teams to arrive. πŸ˜†

It was a well-attended activity and it was a lot of fun! Sam was there but John couldn't go that night.

Special events are the spice of life! πŸŽ‰