Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Around the House and Yard in September

Here are the boys getting ready to leave for school in the morning. I love them; they are my life.

Sam was still being stubborn about having messy hair, as you can see. 😐

Off they went. Adios boys!

It was warm in the house that day, so fans to the rescue! I didn't blast the air-conditioning this summer because of the cost and also because I like to be comfortably warm (not hot and stuffy). John is fine with this but the Finnish blood is strong in Sam and he gets more affected by the warmer temps.

Resting on the couch on a Sunday afternoon

I was chopping and zesting things for dinner one night and the colors coordinated so prettily on the cutting board. I had to take a picture!

I like the way the pool looks when it's lit up and glowing in the dark, or in the twilight like here. 

It was getting closed that week until next spring. Adios pool! May the fall, winter, and spring be kind to you and hopefully you won't be full of horrors like you were this past season when you got opened up!

Home sweet home 🏑

Romeo was waiting for me at the door. He moved out a few weeks later. I miss him!

Relaxing on the couch on a Sunday evening this time. In my pretty new dress!

I came downstairs one morning and Bentwood had emerged from the basement! He had mostly stopped coming upstairs after my sister and nephews moved in. I was so pleasantly surprised to see him on the ground floor again that I had to document it with a few pictures!

I think Romeo was as surprised as I was! πŸ™€

"Get back down there, you." 😾😸

Ever since they moved out a month ago, Bentwood has been upstairs a lot like he used to be. So I guess it was them living here, for whatever reason. Maybe Romeo was a secretive cat bully! 😼

Handsome John getting ready to go to a fancy church dance.

My favorite nighttime routine when everything's done: light my lavender candle (which really does make me sleepy), drink some milk (same effect) or sometimes hot cocoa or herbal tea when it's cold outside, and watch one show before going to bed.

Violet usually joins me and sometimes I bundle her up and pretend she's my baby because I'm funny like that. πŸ˜†

A pretty sunset that I was too lazy to go outside and take a picture of.

When the family room looks like this it means Shane and Sam have been playing!

Fun times around the house for all of us!