Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The Rest of Fourth of July Week

 I really enjoyed our week at the Cape at the beginning of July, even more so in retrospect with the stressful rest of the month that happened after it. But that's okay; the month started well and ended well with being at the Cape.

I played around with my hair and found that the half-ponytail works well at getting the hair off from around my face while still keeping some hair down. The things you learn or remember from the past when you actually have enough hair to do things with!

We went for a walk on a new (to us) trail in the woods in Yarmouth Port. As any regular reader of this blog knows, walks in the woods are one of my favorite things.

Sam and I walked to the place down the street from the house to play mini-golf and get ice cream. Those kinds of walks are fun too! 

We went to the Inflatable Park, which had changed dramatically with the addition of a big wave pool and the subsequent rearranging of inflatables and other things in the park. They got rid of the Challenge Park which was pretty disappointing, especially for John. The boys still had fun though.

John coaches Sam on the next moves to make.

I got a pedicure that felt sooo good. I only get two or three of them a year, and they're a real treat. My feet always feel and look really nice afterwards. Feet deserve to be pampered and well-taken care of; they do a lot of work in carrying us around every day!

We had dinner at Brazilian Grill, one of of our favorite restaurants.
John and I love the strawberries and cream dessert.

Sam likes the chocolate mousse.

My mom struggled with my phone in getting a picture of us but it finally happened, though it's not great. 😆

We had a nice time at Sea Gull Beach.

That's John there. We like walking on this big long rock jetty.

Oh hi, it's me again. 😎

I've offered to get John sunglasses multiple times but he says no. 🤷

We walked to "our beach" down the street.

Skipping stones. Or trying to!

We played leapfrog, and captured some funny poses in doing so! 😂

I really love ending the day at this beach.

Even though fights sometimes happen on the way there. 🙄

We had plenty of downtime relaxing at the house too.

The summer was off to a good start! Then it was all downhill after that. (Just kidding--sort of!)