Thursday, June 2, 2022

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in March


I think I've gotten pretty good at the principle of self-mastery. Spirit over body, mind over matter, discipleship over appetite.

Clever and cute 😄

I've always been into time management and efficiency and organized, purposeful living, so this book is right up my ally. Plus, I like the author's name. :-)

I try to do these things (some better than others), and they do help me live a better, healthier life.

Truth 🤍

I 100% agree with this.

Sheri L. Dew is one of my long-time favorites. Her talks and her life are so inspiring to me.

This is so true. I know for me personally that I can't fully relax and enjoy it if I've been being a lazy bum. I like to get things done and then relax as a reward.   

I try to get seven hours of sleep a night, but I usually get about six. I will continue to seek for the elusive but attainable goal of seven to eight hours. I tend to wake up early no matter what which thwarts my sleep dreams (ha!) on a regular basis. 


Back to sleep again! This is probably the main source of my biggest fights disagreements with John. 🙄

I LOVE traveling and I miss doing it as much as I used to do it. I still haven't been to Europe and lots of other places in the world that I want to see! 😭 But I will.

This seems to be true, plus the copyeditor in me would put the word "is" in front of "largely." Also, I wonder if they intended the pun with "largely"? (Probably not!)

This cracked me up in my town's magazine. Look at what it says about what this cute dog is afraid of. 😂