Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Crazy Times Scrapbook, March 2022

 What's really crazy is that this is now the two-year anniversary of me starting a "Crazy Times Scrapbook" on my blog! The crazy times haven't gone away, and unfortunately they only continue to increase. 

First, a moment of levity...

I am that friend for you! 😆

I can definitely see this happening, China and Russia working together to take down the U.S.

These next three are from a really good Wall Street Journal interview with a long-time expert on Russia that helped me understand Putin and the war better. 

Too few babies being born

All the more reason why the U.S. should be self-sufficient with oil instead of shutting our pipelines down 😡.

From a WSJ editorial: "Mr. Obama did enormous harm to American power and interests in eight years, and the price is still being paid."

This is so dangerous.

Marijuana never should have been legalized, except perhaps for medical reasons. I think this is going to become increasingly apparent with time.

Imagine that!

I snapped a picture of this so that I can remember where exactly all of these countries are.

I can't believe (actually, I can) all of the inaccuracies that have been reported about the Florida bill. So many people truly believe it's something that it's not. Americans are being duped by the media and corrupt politicians again and need to do their own research to find out what it really says. 

This is what it actually says, and it's completely reasonable and appropriate. It's crazy that a bill for this even needs to be passed, but these are indeed crazy times we're living in.

Zelensky's address to Congress and the emotional video that accompanied it made me cry. War is heartbreaking.

Fauci has been a national nightmare.

I've lost any respect I ever had for John Kerry. The man is unhinged. 
"Elite ideology divorced from reality impoverishes people and can get them killed."

Dr. Fauci should be replaced with Dr. Ladapo, the Florida Surgeon General. He has common sense and true intelligence.  

"The public-health consensus has been wrong time and again during the pandemic. When it comes to vaccinating children, especially the youngest, Dr. Ladapo is right."

It wasn't easy to get a copy of this book (I wonder why?), but I got one, and I'm looking forward to reading it. I really do believe that this is what is happening in the world.

"The world is entering the most dangerous period since the Soviet Union collapsed, and perhaps since the 1930s...adversaries have reacted to what they perceive to be the American decline..."