Thursday, April 7, 2022

Around the House in January

John in a new Patriots shirt that he got for Christmas...

A majestic and beautiful owl to add to my collection. Her name is "Athena" (according to the catalog). 

Living room/dining room/napping Violet views

I like the ceiling and chandelier in the dining room.

Violet sometimes naps on my slippers. She's such a sweetheart!

This was a good dinner. I like how HelloFresh helps me make things that I wouldn't normally make on my own, especially not all together like this.

This clam chowder was good and exceeded my expectations since it came from a can.

Wrestling boyz

Shane declares himself the victor!

More wrestling. Notice how Sam is the one being pinned in all three of these pictures. 😆 Poor kid!

John had a bloody nose (I think from wrestling practice at the high school) and looked like a poor beat-up clown 🤡

I'll end with a selfie of me and my favorite girlie! She had surgery this week to remove some fractured teeth and is having a rough recovery. Please pray for my sweet girl!