Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Newport at Christmastime

The Monday after Thanksgiving I spent a lovely day in Newport with Meredith, Beth, and Sharalyn. We went to The Breakers and to Marble House, and we went out to lunch in between the two. They were decorated for Christmas and since it was a Monday (plus Covid), it was the least crowded I've ever seen the mansions. It was a nice change to have them be so uncrowded! 

The Breakers always has this beautiful massive poinsettia tree for the holidays.

One of my favorite spots in this mansion is this little grotto area with a fountain underneath this staircase. I'm not sure why I took a picture of the staircase (probably because I'm always drawn to that beautiful window in the ceiling), but my favorite little spot is right under here. Next time I go I'll take a picture of it! 

The dining room in The Breakers is thebomb.com if you're into super-majestic dining rooms.

Hello Covid 😐

Because it was so uncrowded, I was able to see little details like this original call button for the Butler's Pantry that I'd never seen that before. So neat!

The library at The Breakers was always my favorite but this pretty sitting room might soon overtake it!

I know I keep saying it, but no crowds! If you've ever been to Newport you know how unusual this is. 

We snapped a quick selfie with the poinsettia tree behind us before going upstairs.

The snowman top hats on this tree along with the plaid tartan ribbon garland were so fun! 



A pretty "pretty in pink" tree 😊

The amazing patio. I'm sure there's a fancier, more accurate word for it, like "palazzo" or something, but for now I'll just call it the patio. 😄

There were cute little trees down in the kitchen that were decorated by local schoolchildren (I think). This one had owl ornaments that the kids had painted. Of course it was my favorite of the little trees. 😀

A fun note about The Breakers--a few days later my brother Nate proposed to his girlfriend Kat there! 💖 

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at The Red Parrot in downtown Newport, where they had the best nachos I think I've ever had. There were chunks of lobster on them. They were SO GOOD. 😋

When in Newport, you get good, fresh seafood!

After lunch we went to Marble House, which is my second favorite mansion in Newport. I hadn't been there in awhile and Beth had never been so it was fun to go there. 

One of the more recent reasons that I like going to Newport is because of a historical fiction mystery series I've been reading that's set there. The main character is an intrepid journalist/detective named Emma Cross who is a cousin of the Vanderbilts. Emma is fictional but of course the Vanderbilts are not. It's a fun series that brings the past to life and I like to think about the lives of the characters, both real and imagined, when I'm in Newport.

The last time I was in Marble House at Christmastime there was an enormous wreath hanging on the left wall of the staircase. I missed it being there and wondered why they didn't use it this year.

Another ornate dining room, imagine that!


The front doors look like they should be on a fancy bank or museum, not on a home! Oh, Alva! They do fit the style of the house well though.

I call this the Catholic room. It's very peaceful there.

The ballroom

A fireplace in one of the upstairs rooms.

I love a good spiral staircase! This one is beautiful.

 I got Meredith to take a picture under it with me. 😁

I like the staircase but I like the friend even more. 💛

I know it's a little (a little?) over the top, but I really like this feminine, pretty bedroom. I can't remember if it was Alva's room or her daughter Consuelo's. I think it was Alva's.

I've always been partial to lavender. 😍

Even the more simple side hallways are gorgeous!

Behind Marble House are the sea and the Cliff Walk, which I'd like to come back and do in the summer. I've never done it before.

There are the dark red roofs of The Breakers in the distance on the left.

I do love a good wreath! 

This pretty house is across the street from Marble House.

It was a lovely day with good friends, and it was a fun way to kick off the Christmas season. I was so ready for Christmas after the year that I'd had, and I embraced it and everything that went along with it with all of my heart last year!