Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Hair I Am!

 I was loving my new hair in November as I got more and more used to it! I had fun playing around with it and seeing how different hairstyles looked. I loved finally having hair that I could do this with. Accordingly I took many, many selfies. 😁 Don't worry, I'm not posting all of them, just my favorites!

This is one of the pictures I used on Facebook to make the announcement about my hair. I decided to "go public" like that because I didn't want friends and acquaintances wondering what in the world was going on with my hair. 😆 Now they knew and didn't have to wonder. And I wanted to share my joy and newfound good looks with the world!

I was still playing around with pulling it back. There were a few pieces in the front that looked and felt better pulled back. I got them fixed when I went back to the salon for the washing appointment.

In the car, in the dark, waiting for John to come out of wrestling practice 😄

The first few weeks I was most comfortable pulling it back into a ponytail, partly because I wear my real hair pulled back so much. It was a good way to transition into having more hair.

Here I am in the Uber on the way home out of Boston after my hair-washing appointment. The hair felt so nice and light and silky and it smelled so clean and good. I didn't have them blow it out this time and I was much happier with the more natural-looking result.

Later that day, at home, with a headband. I love headbands!

I really like these pictures. 😍 I was definitely obsessed with myself that day. 

Right now (in February) I'm trying to get the hair on the left side to lay flat like this again. It's developed a too-thick wave that I haven't been able to flatiron out completely. I just want simple straight hair, is that too much to ask!? 😆 I'm going back to the salon in a few weeks and I'll get it "straightened" out. Ha ha. 

Post-nap pic, which is why my cheek is a little flushed.

I think I look like a female cop here. 😆

Here I was on the night of Thanksgiving. I was enjoying my good hair evening.

I'm currently using this picture in the ward directory.

I was really happy with my new hair in November, especially once I was able to get back to the salon to get it washed. And I'm still loving it three months later in February. I'm so thankful that I finally found a hair solution that is working for me.