Thursday, February 10, 2022

The Boys in November

Sam and Shane wrestled and played...

And sometimes Rocco joined in...

John got his braces off! 😁

Sam stole the latest addition to my owl collection. I don't blame him, it's super-soft and cozy!

Horsing around before school is a fun way to start the day...

John's highest aspirations for Sam, Rocco, and Shane are for them to get into wrestling like he has. 😄

John did well at this ninja competition and came in first place for his age group.

Shane blew up a balloon--literally! It exploded soon after this. 💥😆

Screen time

The evening before Thanksgiving, the boys played Duck Duck Goose. It was so funny.
Duck, duck...


I think I took this picture to show that the new washing machine and dryer were taller than Shane!

Under the Christmas tree 🎄

I took these pictures of the boys after we'd finished decorating the tree. 

They were surprisingly cooperative!

I love my boys and am so thankful for them every day!