Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Crazy Times Scrapbook, October 2021

One of the good things about being a few months behind on the blog when it comes to my "crazy times" posts is that I have the benefit of being a Monday-morning quarterback to see what's been proven true and what hasn't months later. It's sobering to see how much is coming true, and how so many people still don't recognize what's really going on with Covid, our economy, our country, and the world.

Good thoughts from an article about Church members who are struggling to understand the First Presidency's recommendation to get vaccinated (like me).

This, exactly! I think President Nelson's counsel for each of us to be worthy of and receptive to personal revelation trumps their urging us to get vaccinated. My answer has clearly and repeatedly been that I don't need to get this vaccine. I'm going with that.  

Interesting. Is this happening in America? It seems to be. 

This was correct; it is happening now with Omicron.


I'm pretty sure that correlation does equal causation in this case.

Yep, we have high rates here in Vaxachusetts Maskachusetts Massachusetts too. If the vaccines worked as vaccines are supposed to work, we wouldn't.

It came from a lab in China, as people have been saying (and others denying) since almost the beginning.

My prediction is that Dr. Malone is going to be proven a hero who was right all along about many of the things going on with Covid and the vaccines. 
P.S. He's the inventor of the mRNA vaccine.

America's decline under Biden

I wouldn't take this if I had Covid.

This is so sad. Blood clots have long been one of my biggest medical fears, and I think there's a chance, albeit slim, that this could happen to me if I got vaccinated.

These are my people. 🙌

Merriam-Webster would say I'm an anti-vaxxer now because I oppose vaccine mandates. This is madness.

Well, we're about halfway through winter and it hasn't been too bad yet energy-wise. We still have the other half to go, and I'm hoping that it won't be bad either.

Hence, the emergence of omicron about a month later.

Don't get the Moderna shots, especially if you're a guy!

What a shock.

It's late January now and I hear varying reports that some ERs are full, not so much because of Covid patients, more because of other medical causes (some of them vaccine-related injuries?) and staff shortages. 
That's my alma mater, and I'm not proud of it.

He's nuts.

The signs of the times are all around us, and they continue to increase!