Friday, January 28, 2022

October 2021 Randoms

I love pears and pear season 😋

These books look good! I love historical fiction; it's my second-favorite genre after mysteries. Historical fiction mysteries are the best of both worlds.

This show Ghosts on CBS is supposed to be good. I haven't seen it yet but I did set up a DVR timer for it, so there are 12 episodes in the DVR waiting for me.

A perennial favorite. Although I have to say, they tasted a little different this year. Still good, just not as good. Which is probably a "good" thing for my health!

I should have included this in my "Crazy Times" post. 
Abortion is unquestionably evil.

An early warning from L.L.Bean about shipping delays and manufacturing problems. I heeded this and all of the other warnings and got my shopping done early.
This was the view down Main Street the evening before the Boston Marathon. It was held in October instead of April because of Covid.

Pretty view in the backyard.

Festive decorations from the Relief Society fall activity. We played a fun Bingo game. I won a prize. 😁

Cute catalog cover!

Jeff Kinney's bookstore "An Unlikely Story" has become one of my favorite shops and lunch spots. 

My magic number

Well, it's about time! Ha ha

Christmas catalogs make me happy 😀

So do catalogs with nice owl illustrations on the front.

Catalog covers were killing it in October!

Rocco tried on my mom's wig from her Mrs. White (from Clue) Halloween costume 😄

Really, Lands' End? Me and a pair of boys' swim trunks are made for each other? I'm insulted! 😆 
This is what happens when you shop for your sons!