Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Crazy Times Scrapbook, July 2021

 It's been awhile since one of my crazy times posts! It's your lucky day; the time has come once again for the latest issue. (Don't hit "delete"! πŸ˜†) It really is "crazy" that in some ways things have gotten crazier since the summer with, among other things, all of this vaccine mandate nonsense (or "malarkey," as a certain terribly inept president would say). 

Sadly I feel that time has proven me more right than wrong since the summer--the vaccines don't seem to work nearly as well as they've been advertised to. And I think a lot of vaccine-related injuries and deaths are happening that are not getting reported in the news. 

But I've grown more confused about this issue because my church supports the continuation of mask-wearing at church (which I don't like but don't have a big problem with) and is urging members to get vaccinated (which I clearly do have a problem with). I don't understand or agree with the vaccine recommendation. Perhaps in another post sometime I'll write more about my thoughts, theories, and ideas about why I think the Church is doing this, but for now I'll hold off and say that my faith in Jesus Christ comes first, and this doesn't impact it or my testimony in any significant way. I'm still stalwart and strong, even though for the first time in my life I find myself seriously questioning Church leadership about an issue that I don't think should even be a Church issue...but I also realize that there are quite possibly things of which I'm not aware that explain why they would hold such a position, and that it's possible I'm wrong in my vaccine resistance. I don't think I am, but I could be. I've prayed and pondered and gone to the temple with this and I honestly don't feel that I need to get this vaccine. In any case, I will never question my Savior, and I will remain loyal and true to His gospel despite my questions about some of the things happening right now in His church. Everything will be explained and make sense in a future day.

Anyway, on to the business at hand!

Please leave the kids alone. Unfortunately this fall, that isn't happening.

"Children are at extremely slim risk of dying from Covid-19...the threat might be even lower than previously thought." You think?

I would pay to get tested (while inwardly rolling my eyes) in order to go on a cruise. But my cruising days are over, at least for awhile, because I think most cruise lines now require vaccination. 

Boosters needed already?


It cracked me up that this picture is doctored to make Biden and Psaki look like LDS missionaries πŸ˜‚

Hello, Delta! Notice how the blame was put on the unvaccinated from the beginning, but since then it's been proven that the vaccinated are getting sick and spreading the illness too.

Proven lies: Biden said "If you're vaccinated, you're not going to be hospitalized. You're not going to be in an ICU unit. And you are not going to die." As much as the mainstream news tries to cover it up, there are many sources and stories and studies showing that this isn't true. See the last paragraph for an example.

Critical Race Theory is evil.

We don't get flu shots anyway, but here's even more reason not to get one. I don't trust mRNA technology in vaccines.

Outbreak in P-Town, probably among the mostly vaccinated and quite possibly spread from one (or more) of their raunchy parties.

I hope this post doesn't get my blog taken down or get me put on a list somewhere, if I'm not on a list already. It's crazy that I even have to worry about that now. Life is feeling more and more like the United States of Communist China as time goes on, and that is definitely not good.