Thursday, November 18, 2021

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in July

 There's a little more "wisdom, humor, and inspiration" than usual for July because of being on vacation and having more down-time, which meant more time on my phone taking screen-shots of things I liked.

Here they are, in the order they were taken...

"Without a strong commitment to the Lord, an individual is more prone to have a low level of commitment to a spouse. Weak commitments to eternal covenants lead to losses of eternal consequence." ✔

I love verse 6. 

Mushrooms πŸ˜‹

Prehistoric blogs!

I have a long way to go to doing this every day, but I do aspire to it. 

Yes! πŸ˜†

Some Sense and Sensibility humor

This truth brings me a lot of comfort and peace.

I love reading and I always have a book that I'm reading, but I've long been guilty of buying more books than I actually have time to read...

Which is why this is true...πŸ˜‚

I can totally relate to this

I love it when President Nelson (or any leader, church or otherwise) tells it how it is.

Having an eternal perspective makes a huge difference in one's happiness level in life! 

This was when Jeff Bezos (who got divorced last year) did his SpaceX flight in July. πŸ˜†

Ben Franklin would be proud of me--for the most part, I think that I do own my faults and I genuinely work hard to fix them. Well, most of them. πŸ˜„