Monday, December 7, 2020

The 2020 Presidential Election

 I predicted that Trump would win but that I wouldn't be surprised if Biden won, so I guess I wasn't too far off, but I sure wish I'd been right on the first part of that prediction! I still think it's possible that Trump actually did win, and I think he DEFINITELY would have won if it hadn't been for Covid. So I'm disappointed with the way things stand now. I'm not looking forward to a Biden-Harris administration at all. But I'll try to be optimistic and give them a chance.

Election Day

This mash-up picture of Biden and Trump cracks me up. 

I went to bed that night thinking that Trump was going to win. 

The next day and for the rest of the week, things weren't looking so good for Trump. 😰

Saturday, November 7th was a sad day for me and for tens of millions of fellow supporters of the president. 

Good luck, America! 😱

The Fallout

Trump had many successes as president and I hope they will be recognized increasingly more in the future. And I think he should concede if he really did lose. But it should be investigated first. Too many suspicious things happened with the votes and vote-counting.

If Biden had lost there would have been widespread rioting. But because the left got their way, they didn't throw temper tantrums. Notice that the right didn't do that even though Trump (apparently) lost. 

Another good thing that Trump did. Drain the swamp!

Good points.

Seriously, Michelle Obama? I can't believe she said that. What a hypocrite.

I was really hopeful about Sidney Powell and what she was bringing to the courts, but so far it doesn't seem like much is really happening. But maybe?

We'll see what happens this week and next, when the Electoral College folks meet up, among other things. I know it's very unlikely at this point that Trump will pull out a win, but 2020 is a crazy year and you never know what will happen!