Friday, December 4, 2020

Five Things for Friday

 I haven't done a Five Things post in awhile. Get ready, it's your lucky day! 😆

1. I'm FINALLY all caught up on the blog! This hasn't happened in many years, and it has taken years to do this, so this is a big accomplishment! Take that, 2020. 🙌 My plan going forward is to stay caught up by doing my blog posts each month about what happened the month before. So this month (December) I'll be posting about November. Next month (January), I'll be posting about December, and so forth. This also helps me to get my pictures off my phone and camera and uploaded and organized onto the computer. It's a win-win situation all around. LOL

2. I hope I'm not tempting fate by acknowledging this, but I haven't been sick with anything in a year. This is one benefit of the pandemic and social distancing and mask-wearing and staying home more--there's a lot less exposure to germs and viruses going around, not just the coronavirus but things like colds and the flu. The last time I was sick was when I got a horrible, terrible cold last Thanksgiving that had weird symptoms and a cough and fatigue that lasted into mid-December (and I still think it may have been an early case of Covid!). Since then, I've been fine. It's been awesome, and I'm thankful for my good health. I DO NOT take it for granted! 

Okay, I really feel like I need to go knock on wood really hard for like an hour now. 😂 Especially because Sam isn't feeling well today and may be sick with something. 😱

3. I decided weeks ago that this was going to be the Christmas that I was finally going to be on track and ahead of the game with things, and I'm happy to report that so far, it's working. What better time than now when I have more time on my hands than ever before? Most of my shopping is wrapped up, pardon the pun (the actual wrapping still needs to be done), and I designed and ordered Christmas cards weeks ago. This weekend I'll address them and get them sent out next week. The house and the tree are all decorated, activities are planned, and I'm doing things like taking the time to read Christmas books with Sam, doing a daily mini devotional with the boys plus Light the World, watching Christmas movies, and all that good stuff that just feels good and helps make Christmas Christmas for me. Three more weeks of this will be a balm to my soul! Being organized and managing time right lets the Christmas magic come in, it really does. And I need that magic, or more accurately, the peace of the season, more than ever before. I think so many of us do.

4. I miss going to the movies. It's one of the things I miss most in this weird pandemic world that we're living in. If things were normal, I'd be looking forward to going to see Death on the Nile this month after first reading the book, but the movie has been pushed back indefinitely, like so many others. I really do miss the experience of going to the movies. It seems almost quaint and old-fashioned now, doesn't it? 

5. In my Pilgrims and Indians post last week, I wrote about our inspiring tour guide, Leo Martin. I found out after I wrote that post that he was recently a guest on Glenn Beck's show, talking about some of the very things that I wrote about and how the pilgrims weren't racist. I was thrilled to find out about this and that Glenn Beck had him on the program! The episode is here. It also features author Tim Ballard, whose book The Pilgrim Hypothesis I'm going to read after I finish reading Mayflower (which I'm loving, by the way!).

It might snow this weekend and I'm excited about that! Because I'm dreaming of a white Christmas! 😄
Have a great weekend!