Thursday, November 5, 2020

Crazy Owl Lady Strikes Again

 Owls get their own blog post for the month of September because there were enough of them to justify it!

Cute porcelain Halloween-themed owl salt-and-pepper shakers that I spotted in a catalog

A cute owl mug in the same catalog

I saw this in a shop. I took a picture of it, and then I decided to buy it.

This was a very cu-hoot (hee hee) owl cookie that my mom saw and got for me. It was also delicious!  

Cu-hoot (sorry, I can't get away from it now) fall owls at Michaels

I want to get this pinecone owl wreath! I love it!

A Halloween costume from years ago that I've always liked.

A WSJ article about owl protections and the California wildfires. Of course save the owls if at all possible, but not at the expense of homes and businesses being burnt down!