Friday, November 6, 2020

September 2020 Randoms

I'm not going to organize these into categories today; I just uploaded them in the order that I took them, so this really will be one random thing after another. Buckle your seatbelts! 😂

I think it's so funny when Bentwood lays like this.

I've been doing a lot of these things for years.  
I get a massage every month, I usually take a bubble bath every week, I give myself a facial every week and I get a professional facial every three months, and I usually do my nails once a week. I've also been trying to make more time to read, go for walks, and do deliberate deep breathing (which feels so good!). I guess I'm something of a stress-reduction/self-care expert at this point!

Conjoined bread loaves

More self-care/self-love inspiration

A really funky bambino carrot from the garden

The CEO of Google was at Penn at the same time as Peter and me. We were in the same graduating class, although we were undergrads and he was getting his MBA. But he and Peter were in Wharton together at the same time. Kind of cool!

We discovered a fun new ice cream parlor in a nearby town.  

Violet likes to sunbathe, she's such a girly girl.

Eat more of these!

There was a day or two when the sun was orange and hazy looking--it was from the wildfires all the way on the other side of the country!

Carrot "bounty" from the garden. I cooked them with a crockpot pot roast and they were really good! So at least there was that.

The basil was doing well and the mint was slowly starting to regenerate after a rough summer.

Sam's Cub Scout things. I gave most of it away because we don't need it anymore and he wasn't really into Scouts so it didn't have much sentimental value. But at least he learned some good things from it, some of which I got to teach him.

From John's first day of work! He was hired to work at his ninja gym, and he's been loving it.

This was such a sweet story. This couple dressed up in their wedding attire from 60 or 70 years ago (I can't remember which). They had wise words of marriage advice too.

Yes she is!

Why not?

I was part of a freezer meal group in September and assembled eight bags of crockpot white chicken chili! It took about two hours. Chopping all those onions was not fun! But it was fun to get other meals in exchange.

Sam can often be found here.

My facialist gave me this cute cookie. I think it was from the same place that my mom got the owl cookie.

I've heard such good things about Enola Holmes and I'm looking forward to watching it.  

This has been a personal theme for me for a long time. Absolute truth absolutely does exist. The laws of science and physics are absolute truths even though many people don't know about them or understand them, but that doesn't make them false or irrelevant. They still affect us whether we realize it or not. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the ultimate absolute truth, and everything else flows from it. Someday, everyone in the world will know this.    

I've been working on cutting my sugar intake this year, and this article was a good reminder and motivation to keep it up. I still eat sugar, I'm just trying to eat less.

This brings me right back to my childhood. I've always liked Cinderella.

This is true 😆

This is my dream--a beach house that looks out on the ocean! (I realize that's redundant.) 😍