Monday, October 5, 2020

Last Beach Day

 Our last beach day at the Cape this summer was spent at a new (to us) beach in our town because the Sea Gull Beach parking lot was closed due to capacity (thanks again, Covid!), so we drove to another nearby beach because our beach sticker gets us free parking at all of the town beaches. Although I'd been looking forward to Sea Gull, it was fun to do some exploring and go somewhere else.

The boys worked on their skimboarding skills and that's pretty much what I took pictures of that day. John is better at it and helped coach Sam.

John and I went for a nice walk together down the whole beach until the beach stopped at an inlet and we couldn't go any farther. Long beach walks are the best--they're great exercise, and the sights and sounds are hard to beat (minus the occasional clumps of seaweed! 😜).