Friday, October 2, 2020

July 2020 Randoms


Drawing during screen-free time. Sam is good at drawing and art.

This is what he drew--a cute neon owl from his Roblox game. He knew I'd like it!

He found the perfect book for my nickname for him when we were at Barnes & Noble! 😂

I'm so glad he hasn't outgrown stuffed animals yet. He really is still my babydoll!

This was funny too. He was knocking several things off of his Summer Reading Bingo chart at once (read while wearing a hat, sitting on a towel, with a blanket, a certain genre of book). How efficient!

Both boys

The annual carousel ride couldn't happen this year because the carousel was shut down due to Covid, so this was the best we could get. At least it will stand out in the timeline of carousel photos from over the years!

Backyard barbecue

Sam was trying to sneak up and scare John while he was on the hammock.

It didn't work. 😆


This is a comforting promise.

True Randoms

I liked this article about Pride and Prejudice. The story is "a good reminder that true happiness lies in self-improvement, respect, and appreciation for one another."

The kitchen at night. Exciting!

I watched a webinar about the Mayflower and how its people grew food and ate once they arrived. 
I like this painting. This is how it must have looked when they arrived in November of 1620. 
This year is the Mayflower's 400th anniversary, which is special to me as an American and a Mayflower descendant. I'm disappointed that so many of the events commemorating the ship's arrival have been cancelled. 😔 

This is the kind of parent I aspire to be. I've got a long way to go, but I keep trying!

I finally hung up this beautiful owl painting that I bought at an art gallery last summer on the Cape.

She was gone from the butter boxes but the Native American woman hadn't been cancelled yet on the Land O Lakes hot cocoa packets.

Hi there!

The pantry shelves were the emptiest they'd been in a long time, especially during these crazy Covid times, because I packed up a lot of the food that was on them to bring to the Cape when I went for my three-week stay there. I didn't want anything going to waste!

We replaced some of the old rotted out fence posts and rails at the Cape house this summer ("after" pictures to come in the next week or two).

Candle and cupcake

Chillin' in my room on a summer afternoon

😂 I'll always love my Franklin Planner

Even the stuffed cow at Ben & Jerry's is affected by Covid 😆

A summer-themed word search, completed with help from Sam.

A cute little British-themed car that I spotted while out running errands. 
{I want to go to England!}

I saw this in a shop and liked it.

I got a horrible, painful canker sore, and using this alum paste on it took care of it quickly. I should have done this from the beginning but I kept thinking it would go away on its own. I hate canker sores! 

My favorite dessert at Brazilian Grill 😋

This was a good book and as I said before, I'm so glad I read it before I went to Nantucket.

More selfies. My hair had really lightened up from the summer sun.

I want to go back to the Spa at the Hotel Hershey in Pennsylvania and get this massage.

This was a clever layout of various time zones around the world using Ritz crackers. It was at The Nantucket.

This was for the Mayflower's 400th in our town on the Cape. It's not fireworks and big celebrations, but it's something!