Monday, May 11, 2020

Around the House in January

January is always a nice and cozy month at home. 
(Little did we all know that there would be many more of those to come in the not-too-distant future!)

 My winter owl collection on display. I love them all!

I like how the sun shines in on this side of the house in the afternoons.

Peter's brother's family gave us these pretty decorations as part of our Christmas present from them.  

Sam's plant that he brought home from a science fair in April 2019 is, against all odds, alive and thriving!

Sharalyn gave me this candle for Christmas and it smelled so good.

I liked how the candle and the flowers color-coordinated perfectly!

I got this pretty artificial flower arrangement at Target for my bedroom. 

I'll always be a sucker for pale pink roses!

Also at Target I got this awesome owl wicker basket. I posted pictures of it a few months ago (in the actual month of January, go me!), but here it is again. This basket is proving very useful, especially with the extra stocking up of supplies that has been happening. 

Pretty white roses for January

Later in the month I put the Valentine's decorations up. 
I love the Lenox ornament tree!

This is turning out to be an especially good year to invest in home comforts and I was off to a good start with that in January!