Friday, May 1, 2020

Looking Back and Looking Forward

April was a long month, mostly spent at home, with more good days than bad but some definite bad days as we continue to deal with this pandemic and its effects on our lives. But there were things that made me happy, such as:

General Conference. It was a much-needed source of hope, comfort, and inspiration.

Banana splits!

Playing piano regularly. I've missed doing that and I'm glad I've gotten into the habit of playing again. I work on a lot of different pieces, mostly classical. Beethoven and Mozart are still my favorites, along with a Bach piece (Solfeggietto) that's been one of my favorites to pound out since my teenage years. And I recently re-discovered the Toreador song from the opera Carmen, which is so fun!

Sam was apparently inspired by my piano-playing and wanted to learn Fur Elise, so I've been teaching him that and he's doing really well with it. He's good at piano and his teacher has been impressed with his progress, even with Zoom lessons. 

Reading The Hobbit, and watching the movies with my family

We also watched Back to the Future 3, an old favorite of mine. 

The small snowstorm in the middle of the month that gave us about four inches of fluffy white snow, and then was all gone by the following day.

My homemade sourdough bread loaves that turned out well

I got all caught up on the American Experience shows in my DVR during my treadmill workouts.

 Watching the new season of When Calls the Heart
A recurring thought as I watched: this man is ridiculously good-looking! 

Things I'm looking forward to in May

Getting out a little bit more as things open up...maybe? 🤞

One thing that is definitely getting opened up is our pool. It will be nice to be able to use that again and have something else to do!   

Warmer temperatures (Please Mother Nature, please!)

The new season of Good Witch on Hallmark Channel

Reading some good books that have been patiently waiting their turn to be read for years--I have A LOT of books to read, mostly thanks to library book sales that I've shopped at over the years!

Getting caught up on more shows in my DVR. New life goal: by the hypothetical end of social distancing, I will have a completely cleaned out and up-to-date DVR!

Cultivating actual real growth of actual real vegetables and herbs in my makeshift garden. 🤞🤞

Going to the Cape house. FINALLY!