Thursday, March 12, 2020

September 2019 Randoms

I made brownies and Rice Krispie Treats for a charity bake sale that my friend Meredith put together to raise money to help children at the border who have been separated from their families.

We made and wore tie-dye shirts. The boys helped too.

😀 and 😭

September mantel

I bought these two cute decorative owl pillows at PolyArts, my town's annual arts and crafts festival. Sam liked them too and so he has one on his bed and the other one is in my owl collection. 

We had two pine trees removed that hadn't been planted well and were foundering, and had two baby pine trees planted in their places. I hope they'll grow fast and strong. I love the shade, privacy, scenery, and companionship that trees provide.

I did my first escape room. We won with about three minutes to spare. It was fun!

I was reading The Wall Street Journal one day and spotted a picture of one of my former high-school classmates! She was a year ahead of me and she started an animal rights "klub" (HARK was the acronym) that I was part of for awhile. She's moved on to the food industry (I bet she's a vegetarian!) and seems to be doing quite well. Very cool!

I liked the cover of this catalog.

These chocolate mousse pumpkins from Trader Joe's were SO GOOD!

Panera's Green Goddess Cobb salad is also delicious, and considerably better for you than chocolate mousse pumpkins. It's my favorite thing to get at Panera.
(How perfect is that apple!?)

Front door wreath for fall. You can see on the lower right side where Brody chewed part of it away. In spite of that, I really miss him.

Peter and I went into Boston one evening with Meredith and her husband Neil for dinner and to see Jim Gaffigan's comedy show, and all I have to show for it is this lame picture of Jim in the spotlight but you'd never know it was him. It was a good show! Peter and I are both fans of his.

We went to my friend Jen's annual "Seafood Fest" party at her house that she and her husband Bill put on each year. This was my first time going and it was so fun!

Do you see me in this picture and the next one?

Good. Just wanted to make sure. 😉

While we were there we celebrated our friend Jill's 40th birthday, which was that week.

A healthy snack

Go Penn! We finally outranked Princeton.

I snapped a picture of this quote at John's curriculum night. Buddha was so right about this!

The Wall Street Journal had a good editorial about the importance of stay-at-home mothers, and I liked these comments that were made about SAHMs: sweet!