Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I Love My Dog

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love Boo Boo so much! He is the perfect dog for me. He provides companionship and warmth and humor and is a constant, steady presence in my life. He's patient and gentle and sweet while also being a good protector of our home. He has the silkiest, softest fur that I love to pet and brush and lay against. He is a wonderful eater of leftovers so that food in our house rarely goes to waste--he has a stomach of steel (and a little bit of flab 😆) and he'll eat just about anything. He listens to me and he loves me unconditionally. For all those reasons and more, as I repeatedly tell him, he can't ever die, because I don't ever want to live without him! 

Sam wanted to get in on the Boo Boo lovefest photo session too. Boo Boo is universally loved in our family.

There's Violet in the background. She of course is loved and special and very much wanted too. 
(But shhhh, Boo Boo is my favorite!)

And a few photos of the illustrious dog by himself:

I have a vision of getting a painting done of him like this, only the setting will be lush green grass and trees and flowers. Yes, I love my dog so much that I would commission a painting of him. 😊

I love you Boo Boo! 💞