Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Breakers

The Breakers has been my favorite Newport mansion ever since Peter took me there on a romantic date when we were in college. It was a magical place to me then, and it has remained so in the years since. I always love going back to see it again. It's ostentatious and completely over the top, especially for a "summer cottage," but I can't help it, I just love it. This was the first time I got to see it decorated for the holidays, which I think made it even more beautiful.

After we toured The Elms and Marble House, my mom, sister, and I met my sister Elizabeth and her two cute boys for a delicious lunch at a historic old restaurant in Newport called the White Horse Tavern, which has been around since 1673 and is the oldest operating restaurant in the country! I loved sitting and eating there amongst all that history. You could feel it in the air all around you. 

Then we went to our final mansion of the day, The Breakers. We saved the best for last!

I don't like how I look here but Elizabeth and the boys look good so I'll include it! (notice that I didn't enlarge it too much though 😂)

Behold the beauty of The Breakers!

This dining room/ballroom is amazing.


I liked this cozy little alcove under the stairs. It faced a fountain, which was perfect because the sound of gently running water is so relaxing. This would be such a nice place to sit and read and nap. Not in those chairs though!

This ceiling window at the top of the stairs was so pretty.

I don't think I'd ever seen a Christmas tree made out of poinsettias. It was gorgeous!

The above-mentioned cozy little nook is under those stairs.

More rooms (and Christmas trees) on the ground floor... 

I've always loved the library room at The Breakers. 

Check out the ceiling!


So pretty and feminine, and I like the pale green furniture.

Trains always remind me of Sam's big train phase in preschool. 😊 I think this display was probably paying homage to the Vanderbilt fortune coming partly from railroads. 

 I'd been hoping to go out on the back lawn after our tour and take some pictures, but looking down on it all from the upstairs terrace was as close as we got to that this time. It was dark by the time we were done. Next time!

Jennifer, Mom, and Rocco

Pretty lamp, pretty walls, pretty room!

Another lovely lady of the house. I love her dress and everything else about this painting. 

In front of our ancestral home! Ha ha. The U-Haul truck is more accurate to our family's history. 😂

It was such a fun day. I absolutely love the historic Newport mansions, and a trip there is always a special treat. (Random fact: the previous owners of our house moved to Newport!)