Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Getting Our First New England Christmas Tree In Nine Years

Last holiday season I was excited to get our Christmas tree from the same lot in town run by the Boy Scouts that my family used to get our Christmas trees at. I'm looking forward to doing the same thing again this year, only this time we know that we can pre-order a tree at a specific height because the really tall ones aren't as common and they sell out fast, and we have a great space in our house for a nice tall tree so it would be good to get one. Anyway, I digress and will move on to the topic of this blog post, which is the pleasurable process of getting our Christmas tree last year.

John brought along his best friend Craig from Iowa on FaceTime, which we all laughed about.

Peter accidentally knocked over a few trees, which we also laughed about. (We did help pick them up!)

The Scouts tied the tree to the top of the car and we drove it home, where we found out that they hadn't tied it very well (aren't Scouts supposed to be knot experts?) but fortunately it didn't fall off the car on the drive. I'm not sure that we would have laughed about that!

We got the tree off the car, into the house, and into the tree stand. Many pine needles were shed in the process.

The next day we worked on stringing the lights, which is a somewhat arduous process that Peter has become very good at, but I ended up doing it myself because he wasn't ensuring that it would get done by the end of the weekend, and it needed to get done by the end of the weekend.

By the end of the evening, the lights were strung and the ornaments were hung, thanks in large part to the decorating efforts of myself and Sam.

And you thought it was a nice tree. Death by Christmas tree!

It was a nice tree though. Not the best we've ever had, but it was our first New England tree since 2009, when Sam was just a newborn. I was missing Iowa, but it was good to be home in Massachusetts again for Christmas!