Monday, September 23, 2019

The Diversity of November Holiday Decorations

November always starts out with Halloween decorations still up, then those get taken down and the fall and Thanksgiving decorations go up, and then it's on to Christmas. It's an exciting (and rather onerous!) time for holiday home decorating. Last year was a little different because we were in a whole new house, so I had to alter my decorations a bit and find new places for some of them, but nothing too challenging that I couldn't handle. 😉

This built-in shelf in the family room is so great for displaying lots of holiday and seasonal decorations.

(There be my beloved roses!)

For Thanksgiving decorations, I keep all the fall stuff out and most of the pumpkins and just put away the Halloween things and replace them with a few Thanksgiving things and fall things. (Did that make sense?)

I like to decorate for Christmas the weekend right after Thanksgiving, but that didn't happen last year because we went to the Cape, so the Christmas decorations didn't come out until the first weekend of December. I did however end November with this festive evergreen wreath on the door, thanks to a cute Cub Scout who came selling them door-to-door.

This year I have a new decoration that I'm excited about. A few months ago I finally bought a Lenox ornament tree, which I've been wanting for years. It can go with any season and holiday as long as you buy the right ornament set for it. I love it! Pictures to come at some point!

October, November, and December...'tis the season for holiday decorations galore!