Friday, September 20, 2019

Five Things for Friday

1. My friend from college wrote a(nother) front-page article for The Wall Street Journal. It was a fun one! He had a request on Facebook a couple of weeks ago asking for feedback on the subject matter, especially from teenagers. I thought about putting him in touch with John but then life got busy. Next time, I hope! I'll be honest, it's one of my life goals to get my name quoted in The Wall Street Journal. 😃 

 2. There's been no rain since last Saturday and there is none in the forecast for another week--that would be almost two weeks without rain or even a cloudy day! I don't know if I can take it! I like a minimum of one cloudy or rainy day a week. Ten days, max. ::Sigh:: Life is so hard. 😞

3. Beautiful roses are in my life again this week! 😊

4. My technological accomplishment for the week was that I got Venmo. Multiple people have asked if I had it, mostly for paying to rent the Cape house. So I got with the times and set up an account. I can't say that I completely understand how it works, and I hope I set it up right. Time will tell. But in the meantime, I'm pretty proud of myself!

5. Funny things I saw on Facebook this week:

Today is Sam's 10th birthday! 💗 His family party was last weekend and tomorrow we're going to Six Flags New England. And not to go back on Thing #2 up above, but fortunately, it's supposed to be really good weather this weekend with no rain (sorry rain, you know I love you but not for outdoor things like amusement parks! I can't have you raining on my son's parade!). 🌞