Wednesday, October 17, 2018

September 2017 Randoms and Cell Phone Pics

Pretty new notebooks

Babydoll in the morning

One of my favorite things about fall is the return of hot cocoa!

Babydoll again. He's so cute!

My horoscope. This would be a good thing to apply to social media and even (maybe especially) my blog!

Bas Bleu catalog covers that I liked

I daydream about doing this, but it never happens. 😢 I must change that!

A bed set that I saw and liked at Bed Bath & Beyond. Gold polka dots were my thing last year. They still are this year, too. They're a classic!

This power car that the boys had for years was on its last legs, so I gave it away. Thanks for all the fun you provided my boys and their friends, little car!

I ordered this online somewhere. I like it for the cold weather months.

When my mom was visiting we went to Dillard's to shop for a formal dress for a wedding she was going to be attending, and I was pleased to come across some pretty, modest dresses.
This dress would be perfect if it had longer sleeves (I don't like super-short sleeves because I think they're unflattering on most people, myself included).

I liked this dress so much that I almost bought it. I kind of wish I had. I don't know where I would've worn it, but it would have been good to have in my wardrobe when the right opportunity presented itself!

I bought a wedding card for my cousin who was getting married (which was the wedding my mom was shopping for a dress for) and I thought it had great marriage advice on it. 

I love it when I find a card that's just right. Especially because I don't enjoy shopping for cards at all--there are so many choices and I find it overwhelming.

I saw this in The Wall Street Journal and found it illuminating. While not perfectly representative of me personally, this sums up rather well why I decided several years ago to become a registered Republican instead of the Independent that I'd been for years.

"Cheap sex and the decline of marriage"--exactly. The WSJ hits the nail on the head again.

And The WSJ gets one more gold star for having a front-page story that was written by a friend of mine from college!

Sam was learning to dive at his swim lessons last fall. After many belly-flops over the months, he finally got it last spring, and now he dives like a little champ!

A pretty fall table at the hotel where Sam's swim lessons were at. I took the boys to private lessons there for years and they're both strong swimmers now thanks to those lessons.

The view from the basement guest bedroom. I miss this view.

I saw these adorable Disney figures at the Hallmark store at the mall and wanted to get so many of them! But I suppressed the urge and took pictures instead.

I wish I'd gotten this one of Belle and the Beast.

Belle is my favorite Disney princess. I wish I'd gotten this one of her in the gown, too.

A sweet moment between Peter and John.

One of my last trips to Wilson's Apple Orchard. It was a gray, rainy, chilly day, perfect for their delicious hot apple turnovers and hot apple cider!