Tuesday, October 16, 2018

From Handcarts to Model Ts

When my dad was visiting last fall he wanted to do something unique, so we went to the Johnson County Historical Museum in Coralville, Iowa, a place that I'd always meant to go to but never had. I'm so glad we went. I knew it had some good Mormon pioneer history things in it, and it didn't disappoint!

When we moved to Iowa I thought it was so neat that we were going to live in a place where the pioneers had temporarily lived as they passed through on their trek west. It really did cast a special feeling on the whole area for me, one that I'll always cherish.

A few months after we went to this museum, the boundaries changed in my stake and we were moved into a different ward and I became Debbie Hartley's visiting teacher. Her son made the handcart in the picture above.
 There's a nice little trail commemorating the area described below that's right near where our church was. How neat it was to go to church so close to where our religious ancestors (and very likely some of my actual ancestors) camped out on their faith-filled journey.

Europeans come to Iowa City...

There was also an antique car museum next door with an amazing collection of old automobiles. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it! My appreciation of old things seems to be increasing the older I get.
A Model T Ford from 1913. This car was made before the world wars even happened. I don't know why, but things like this fascinate me.
This is from 1899!

"In God we trust, you pay cash." Ha ha!

For so many reasons, history really is the best.