Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Saints Loving

I always like the week that the boys go to day camp at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. They learn and experience so many great things there. 

While they're there I relax and enjoy the beaches of Brewster on my own. (Brewster is the town the Museum is in.) My favorite is Saints Landing (or as I like to call it, Saints Loving, since I love it! I know, I'm a genius.).  

View from the left side of parking lot. This house was for sale a year or two ago for a couple of million dollars.

View from the right side of parking lot. I love the porch! What a wide-open beautiful view of the sea they have there. 

This family was cute.

These are my favorite sandals ever!

I like overcast days when the water and skyline almost blend into each other.

I took some #Goodreadswithaview shots but never ended up submitting them. It was fun to photograph two of my favorite things, books and the beach. I was reading and loving the first Poldark book. 

On a different, sunnier day.

People were out shellfishing at low tide.

I love this beach!