Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Summer Shopping Pics 2017

These were all taken with my phone as I was out and about shopping on the Cape last summer.

A shrine to Tom Brady.

At the toy store at the Cape Cod Mall. Sam loves this store.

I had one of these!

This was outside of a cute shop where I bought some silk flower arrangements for the Cape house. These flowers were the real thing! So picturesque and pretty!

That windowbox! 😍

I meant to go back and get this Nancy Drew print this summer. I hope it's still there the next time I go to the shop where it was at. I'll always be a Nancy Drew fan! Those books helped give me a lifelong love of mysteries.

Fun finds at T.J.Maxx...


Pink rose prints are my favorite. I have a china set with a similar pattern, and my wedding bouquet was pale pink roses.


I wish I'd gotten this for the Cape house.

At a fun rubber ducky store in Chatham.

"Take Quack America!" and "Make Bath Time Great Again" 😂

At a super-expensive but nice home shop in Chatham (Chatham is a very wealthy town!)

The above-mentioned shop was in this old house. 

At an amazing bookstore I discovered in Chatham--one of my new favorite bookstores on the Cape!

Out and about with Sam. I've thought about getting this wooden handcrafted pricey marble tower for years. Every summer I'm like, "Will this be the summer that I finally get it?" And every summer so far it hasn't been. There's always next summer!

Cute merch at the Christmas Tree Shop in West Yarmouth...

I need to get another Cape house for all the stuff I'd like to buy and decorate it with!

England! Hawaii! Europe! ENGLAND!! 😢

Sweet sayings on clothes at Cuffy's in Dennis:

These last pictures are from "the world's largest truck stop" on I-80 in Iowa on our drive home. They had some great owl things!

An owl birdfeeder! I should have gotten this. 

And Sam finally found Bigfoot there! Or some strange murderous swamp creature.