Monday, September 17, 2018

Evenings At Our Beach

I feel like I've done this post and said these things more than once over the past few years, probably because I have. So here they are again for the summer of 2017! It just doesn't get old, at least not for me.

One of my favorite things about being at the Cape in the summer is ending our days at the beach down the street from our house. We call it "our beach," even though it's a public beach. It's a small one that I think is mostly known just to locals, with no parking lot and the street just ending at the beach. It's nothing fancy or stunning as far as beaches go, but I love everything about it, most especially the experiences we have there and the memories that have been made and will continue to be made there for years to come (I hope!). 

I love this shot!

John was in fine form that evening!

One evening when we were there my mom watched the boys while I walked up the beach to take some pictures of the scenery (even though it was private property belonging to a neighborhood association, shhhh!).

I like collecting shells and driftwood. Good driftwood pieces are hard to find, but shells are abundant. Someday I'm going to try to make something nice with them all. Don't ask me what (Pinterest to the rescue!). Delicate iridescent shells like these are my favorites.

Someone had brought over two lounge chairs from the resort next door, which was a nice illicit little treat! 
I wish these were there all the time!

It almost looked like Sam was sitting on the water.

The water so often makes me think of a sheet being pulled up on a bed, like the ocean is a gigantic blanket and the earth is the bed. When the tide is in, the bed is made, and when it's out, the blanket has been pulled back or, in the case of the bay beaches at low tide, stripped away completely.

I thought these three women taking a walk together was sweet. I hope I'll have friends to take walks with when I'm older. 

Day is done...