Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Solitary Nature Walk

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History has a great walking path behind it that goes right out to the sea. One day after dropping the kids off at camp there, I availed myself of this path and enjoyed a nice walk to the seashore.

First you cross over marshland.

"Your view in the 1800s would have been quite similar." 😍

The meadow view reminds me of England. 
Or at least what I've seen of it in movies, TV shows, and Pinterest pictures (::sob::). 

So picturesque! 

Almost there...


(Do you see the stand-up paddleboarder?)

These windblown trees remind me of drama queen opera divas strutting across the stage. 

Because this is a bay beach the tide does funky cool things with the shoreline here.
Or at least that's my guess as to why it's like this. I could be wrong because the other bay beaches I've been to have normal shorelines. 

Maybe it's because of the birds! This is a popular seagull hangout spot.

The walk back...

Selfie with myself 'cuz I'm my own best friend!

I love, love, love, sun-dappled forest paths.

Then you cross back over the marshland and into the woods that are around the museum.


And some twisted trees to finish things up.

I love this walk--it's good exercise for the body, mind, and soul!