Friday, May 25, 2018

Massachusetts Fun and Brotherly Love

Just so you know for my summer posts when I refer to "Massachusetts" I'm talking about being in Massachusetts but not on the Cape. We're usually staying at my mom's house in these posts, which is about a 90-minute drive from the Cape house.
And now you know!

At one of our long-time favorite ice cream places, Uhlman's. I've been going there since my high-school days, so it really is a special treat (in more ways than one) to bring my kids there.  

This is the boys' favorite playground in Hopkinton, my hometown. It's not far from my old house.
Little did we know when we were there that day that we'd be living in our own house in this very town not far from this very playground at that time in a year!  

It was John's last summer being young enough for the indoor playplace we've been going to for the last few years.

Way to have a great time, Sam! Ha ha.

I drove by my old house and snapped a few pictures, hoping I didn't look like a stalker or wannabe robber. 
I have such good memories of this house and of living here.

My bedroom was in the basement behind that big giant bush by the driveway. When we lived there, that bush was very small, so I did get some light in my room which was good because I need light in my living spaces!

 Classic New England.

At another one of our favorite playgrounds.

A nice end to the day.

And me, being mysterious (?).