Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Rockin' Good Time

I know the title of this post is corny, but as with many corny things, it's cute and it works!

One of the new things we did when we were staying at my mom's house last summer was to go to a new (to us) rock-climbing gym in Worcester called Central Rock Gym. The boys LOVED it, especially John. They're excited that we'll live close to climbing gyms like this when we move to Massachusetts.

John has always been a little monkey. Ever since he was a toddler he has loved climbing, and he's really naturally good at it. On our cruise in March (on the world's second-largest cruise ship no less) he competed in a climbing wall competition for 13-17 year olds and he took second place. And he had only just turned 13! 

Sam has gotten into climbing mostly because of John's influence and encouragement. Otherwise, I'm not sure he'd be that into it on his own. But he enjoys it, and he's gotten quite good at it as he's grown older, taller, and stronger. John is a good coach for him, and I love how they work together on things like this. These are among the times when they get along best!

Made it to the top!

There was a smaller building with another wall that we stopped in at before we left, because they just couldn't get enough. John would have stayed all day if I'd let him.

John cheering Sam on and giving pointers.


This picture sums up how they felt at the end!

It was a lot of fun, and I'm sure we'll be back now that we'll be living there (in Massachusetts, not at the gym--John wishes!).