Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Disney Cruise Day 6: Star Wars Day at Sea & Beauty and the Beast!

Thursday, March 16th. People pay big bucks to go on a Disney cruise that has a Star Wars Day at Sea. Some people are really hard-core dedicated fans. We are merely fans, although Sam is quite a big fan, and John was for awhile in his early elementary school years. 

We went to the pool deck in the morning after breakfast and I'm glad we did because it ended up being cool and a little rainy out later on.

There are the boys in the AquaDuck!

I went on the AquaDuck too, twice that morning (once with each son). 
Then the boys went swimming for awhile. This cruise was the first time Sam was able to swim all by himself in the bigger pool ("Donald's Pool"). He officially graduated from Mickey's Pool! He's become really comfortable in the water and has turned into a little fish this past year. 

Peter and I enjoyed an exquisite brunch in Palo. This is one of our favorite things to do on a Disney cruise. Palo is a beautiful Italian restaurant at the top of the ship where kids aren't allowed and there's a nicer dress code and you have to pay a little extra. It's totally worth it; the food, the service, and the whole experience are all fantastic. 

Sparkling cider (of course)

Sam wore his Kylo Ren costume for most of the day. I thought he looked so cute, but that wasn't the look he was going for! There were informal light-saber battles in the grand atrium throughout the day that were a lot of fun for him. 


Of course we had some Star Wars family pictures taken throughout the day too.

We are a Jedi family.

Sam makes me LOL in this one. He took this stuff seriously!

"Boys, I am your father." ❔❕

 Dinner was in Animator's Palate again that night. A roving photographer took our pictures.

 I bought a special-edition Beauty and the Beast cup for my drink at dinner. The movie was premiering that night in the U.S. and we were going to see it in just a few hours! The excitement was building! At least it was for me. Peter and the boys didn't really care. But Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite, so I was psyched.

Something was funny!

And something else was delicious! Note the special Star Wars chocolate bar.

On the pool deck that night there was a really good Star Wars show put on by the cast, followed by fireworks at sea (for the second time on this cruise).

After the boys went to bed, Peter and I went to the premiere of Beauty and the Beast in the Walt Disney Theatre. Disney allowed the movie to be shown about an hour early on their cruise ships (so 11:15 p.m. instead of midnight). Just another perk of going on a Disney cruise!

No surprise, I liked the movie a lot. Although I liked it even better when I saw it again a few weeks later with the boys and my mom.

A few other Beauty and the Beast related pictures from the cruise...
This stunning Swarovski crystal-studded statue of Belle and the Beast was gorgeous.
And it only cost $12,600. No big deal. 😮

After that registered, the glass-covered rose seemed like a steal at a price of only $163!

Some things I liked in the Art Gallery...

I've always liked this Thomas Kinkade Disney painting. Someday I'd like to get it.

This isn't Beauty and The Beast related, but it was in the art gallery and it "quacks" me up to see Daisy Duck as a Jane Austen-esque lady.

In case you were wondering, I did spend time in the Rainforest Room that day. It was my goal to go there every day of the cruise, and I'm happy to report that I succeeded in that important goal!

It was another fun and relaxing day on this fun and relaxing cruise!