Monday, January 22, 2018

Disney Cruise Day 5: St. Thomas

The fifth day of the cruise was Wednesday, March 15th. We went from the British Virgin Islands to the U.S. Virgin Islands and spent the day on the beautiful island of St. Thomas. It was our first time there and I was excited to see it. This was an island I'd heard good things about for years, and it didn't disappoint! It turned out to be one of my favorite Caribbean islands that I've visited so far. I was sad when Hurricane Irma hit the island hard in September and did a lot of damage to the very beach I'm about to write about. 

We spent much of the day at Magens Bay Beach, which is one of the best-rated beaches in the world.
 On the drive to the beach we stopped at this scenic spot. That's Magens Bay Beach down there in the middle of the photo.

This beach was so beautiful. I loved that it was bordered by lush palm trees on the beach, surrounded by green hills on both sides, and that there was a pretty little island straight ahead.

Left side of the beach

Right side

And straight on 'til morning! 
(Ha! Do you get my Disney reference?) 

The water was nice and comfortably cool, although I wouldn't have minded it being warmer.
The boys were playing a game they like to play with the incoming waves (from Cape Cod to the Caribbean!).  

Pretty view from my beach chair: 

 Check out the stand-up paddleboarder who was living my dream! I probably could have done that but I was too lazy (and self-conscious).

The view from our lunch spot.

Look at our not-so-little-anymore monkey climb that tree!
I heard that a lot of trees at the beach came down in the hurricane; hopefully this one didn't because it was a bigger, stronger tree than many of of the others. I hope it survived! 

 A nice family photo taken by a kind fellow cruise-goer. It was worthy of making it onto the Christmas card.  

 A cool view on the drive "home." The Fantasy is the middle ship. 

Before we boarded, we took the nearby SkyRide up a very steep hill to Paradise Point, where the views were amazing! 

This was the widest-angle view I could get.

Once we were back on the ship, I took some pictures of the lovely harbor. I was so impressed by the picturesque beauty of this island. St. Thomas turned out to be the stuff of some of my longest-running daydreams.  
I got a picture of myself and the harbor without taking the usual selfie! Genius.

 My ship is bigger and fancier than your yacht! Ha ha

That evening involved the Rainforest Room for me, dinner at Animator's Palate, kids' clubs for the kids, and a really cool magic show for all of us.

I happened upon a Mickey and Friends dance party after dropping Sam off at the kids' club. My view was great as the characters danced down the stairs and into the grand atrium, where their adoring public awaited.

Even the bathrooms on this ship are beautiful! 

Yes...they're real!

In the theater before the magic show began. It was really good!

That night we got a dinosaur!

It was a great day, and once again, we slept well that night!