Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Few Random Photos From Last December

Sam did some cool chalk art on the driveway.

Boo Boo was awaiting the arrival of the Christmas tree.

Sam did basketball for the first (and so far, only) time. He thought it was okay but he didn't love it. Neither of my boys really got into basketball, although John did it for years when he was younger and he liked it (but didn't love it). Basketball and soccer have turned out not to be our sports; can we really call ourselves normal red-blooded Americans?

That's Sam on the left--with the ball!

It got excessively frigid in mid-December, so frigid that church got cancelled and school got delayed for two hours the next day.

John is happy to read the newspaper when football is involved.
I guess he's a normal red-blooded American after all! Ha ha.

Here's a picture from Christmas morning. The expression on Sam's face as he opens his gift makes me LOL.

This is my favorite spot to snuggle up and read during the holidays, on the couch right next to the Christmas tree. Sometimes I turn off all the lights and read by the light of the tree. Every so often I'll even sleep there. It's magical to sleep, read, rest, or sit next to a lit-up Christmas tree, especially a real one with its soft pine scent wafting gently through the air. I love this spot!

And I love December!