Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Just a Bit of Randomness to Round Out the Day

A few random things for today because I'm short on time...

If we don't move anywhere for the next several years (please, please, please), then my boys will go to high school here. It has made it onto lists for being one of the most beautiful high schools in the country.
(Its academics are top-notch too.)

Last year at this time...
I saw these at the National Constitution Center gift shop in Philadelphia and thought they were funny!

Am I weird for liking catalogs?

Speaking of catalogs, check out this fabulous Belle dress I found in the Chasing Fireflies catalog (last fall's catalog--full disclosure, these pictures are a year old). 
If I were a rich little girl this dress would be mine! Belle is my favorite Disney princess.

Target was selling a fabulous owl eye mask that I had to get, on account of my love for owls. 
 I had nowhere fun to wear it, so I just wore it around the house.