Monday, September 11, 2017

This Blog is Back!

Well, summer is pretty much over and it's time to incorporate blogging back into my schedule again! 
I'll be playing catch-up for awhile, but what else is new? That's the way I blog.

It was a good summer, as summers usually are. There were a few tough things that happened--most notably, the death of my beloved cat Brody in July while I was gone. I'll be sure to write about the good, the bad, and the sad in the months to come. 

Let's see, what else shall I write about in this little welcome-back blurb? 
The boys are off to a good start with the new school year. John's in 7th grade at junior high(!!) and Sam is the cutest 2nd grader in the world, I'm absolutely sure of it.

Perhaps most significantly, as far as this blog is concerned, is the happy fact that my domain name re-registered successfully, so none of the drama that happened with Google last year when I couldn't log in to renew the blog and they took my site down for awhile as ransom for payment that I wasn't able to make because I couldn't get in to the right place to do it, and the whole situation made me hate Google with passion, and it was only a last-ditch attempt with an assist from Peter (who found the solution by googling it...grrr!) that I was able to fix it! ::Deep breath:: Obviously I'm still traumatized. I'm so glad I don't have to go through that again this year! 

Registration of successfully renewed
Your G Suite domain name,, was successfully renewed with enom for one year. You can now continue using G Suite through September 9, 2018 and your account will soon be charged for the purchase.
Please do not reply to this email; replies are not monitored.
The G Suite Team
And with that, we're back in business! 👍