Monday, June 12, 2017

My Summer Office

For one week each summer the boys go to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History's excellent day camp, and while they're there, I go to my summer morning office for that week, which is usually at the small, quiet beach of Saint's Landing in Brewster. These are some of my favorite memories of the Cape, and I look forward to my morning beach office week every summer, when I can relax, meditate, take pictures, read, and write in a totally peaceful and soothing environment. It really is my vitamin sea.

 Sometimes the tide is high, sometimes it's coming in, sometimes it's going out, and of course there are the fascinating times when it's very low and you can walk out on the ocean floor on the warm wet sand and explore. 
But the first day of that particular week it was a "normal" beach and the water was cool, clear, and beautiful.
My "office" chair

From about 9-10 a.m., I've practically got the beach to myself.

The low-tide mornings are when I get some exercise and walk out on the sea floor as far as I can. 
It looks more like the desert than the sea in some places--this office environment is so versatile!


Another morning; this time the tide was on its way out.

On this particular morning people were going clamming. This is only allowed on certain days at certain times and you have to have a permit to do it. It's not something I'm really interested in doing but it's fun to watch others do it.

 The view from the parking lot. The clammers are on the left. 

On the last day of the week at my beach office last summer, there was rain on the way and the sky was brooding over the sea. I loved the way it looked and felt. It was also high tide and the rock outcropping was almost covered.

It's neat when the waterline and the skyline blend into each other.

 Check out the paddleboarder, living my dream! This is what I want to do--get up in the morning and go paddleboarding when the tide is high. It's a great workout and you can't beat the view! 

Kayakers and early birds 


I went out to the end of the rocks myself that morning.

View of my beach office area from the rock wall. My chair is on the far left.
These kayaks look like they're best buds. :-)

 Bird prints in the sand kind of look like hieroglyphics

Selfie by the sea

If my summer office had walls or a desk (I'm glad it doesn't!), I'd get this for it. 
Many tides, many memories, indeed.